Discover state-of-the-art FISH probes for accurate and reliable diagnosis!

Discover state-of-the-art FISH probes for accurate and reliable diagnosis!

The best in FISH probes: Unparalleled accuracy and reliability for a reliable diagnosis.


 FISH probes are effective in detecting chromosomal abnormalities,
genetic rearrangements and mutations with high sensitivity and

specificity, allowing accurate evaluation of clinical samples. 


  •   Find a comprehensive range of  high-quality FISH probes designed to meet your specific project needs.
  • Discover our innovative products in pathology, genetic markers developed by experts in the field of antibodies, detection systems and molecular biology & find your ideal solution for your research.




                      Key benefits of our FISH probes
  • Maximum accuracy: Our FISH probes are highly precise, enabling reliable detection of subtle chromosomal and genetic aberrations.
  • Easy of use: Our FISH probes are designed for simplicity, allowing laboratory professionals of all experience levels to easily prepare and apply them.
  • Rapid results: FISH probes provide fast diagnostic results, reducing the time from sample collection to obtaining crucial information.
  • Comprehensive range: We offer a wide selection of FISH probes to meet specific diagnostic needs, including cancer detection, genetic diseases, and other clinical conditions.


Discover our full range now for accurate and reliable results every time!


Gene amplifications

REMBRANDT® HER2 amplification detection

Genetic re-arrangements

REMBRANDT® RET break apart

Infectious diseases



Gene amplifications

REMBRANDT® MDM2 amplification detection


Investing in our FISH probes improves diagnostic accuracy and reliability