Quimigen is the exclusive distributor of TransGen Biotech in your country

Quimigen is the exclusive distributor of TransGen Biotech in your country


Dear client,

We are thrilled to announce that Quimigen has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with TransGen  Biotech, strengthening our position as a leader in the life sciences and biotechnology fields across Europe.

This partnership marks a significant milestone for Quimigen:

     Expansion of our product portfolio: This exclusive agreement allows us to broaden our range of innovative, high-quality products, better meeting the needs of our customers in the research and biotechnology sectors.

  Increased geographical coverage: TransGen Biotech will benefit from our extensive distribution network, providing greater accessibility of their products across the European continent.
  Strengthening our commitment to innovation: This collaboration will enable us to offer cutting-edge solutions and support the scientific community with advanced tools and technologies.

 About TransGen Biotech: TransGen Biotech is a renowned company known for its significant contributions to biotechnology, offering superior quality products and services that facilitate important scientific discoveries.

About Quimigen: Quimigen is a major player in the distribution of scientific products in Europe, dedicated to supporting researchers and laboratories with innovative and reliable solutions.        

We look forward to the success of this collaboration and to continuing to innovate together for the benefit of the scientific community.


Thank you for your continued support!

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