Matrigengel Matrix Basement Membrane Extracts




Matrigengel Matrix
Basement Membrane Extracts

Discover our Matrigengel Matrix (1ml sample format)derived from genetically modified mouse tumor cells, plays a crucial role in tissue organization, and cell functions, and acts as a barrier against metastatic tumor cell invasion

Key Benefits


    Cellular Function Assay Validated - Strict Quality Control Assays for every produced lot. 
  Lot-to-lot Consistency - Strict manufacturing control and management system.
  Stable, Long-term Supply - ACRO's large manufacturing capacity and global supply chain.
  Cost-Effective - Bulk pricing is available to meet your research needs.


Bioactivity-Angiogenesis Assay




Remarkable tubular structures rapidly form on the Matrigel matrix, reaching 100% and 67% in just 4 hours.

Bioactivity-Tumor Invasion Assay


Significant reduction in invaded cell numbers with different Matrigel concentrations.

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